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Demonstration film on Transparent Display

Product video for LG Transparent Display LG electronics has created a new display which can be projected onto transparent LED panels. I demonstrated the sharpness, clearness and contrast of the product by utilizing examples of a...
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TV Commercial for SCH University

This video is a TV ad to promote the identity of SCH University. I conceptualized the university convergence program, through which they have integrated/combined several of their majors. The blocks in the video stand for different...
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TV commercial for ChildFund Korea

This video is a TV ad promoting the organization ‘ChildFund Korea’. The agency wanted to emphasize a ‘friendly and cozy’ concept that encouraged people to donate to vulnerable children. The illustrations were designed by a specialized...
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TV Commercial for SAMSUNG GALAXY C

This video is a TV ad for Samsung's new mobile phone in China. The client wanted me to create this video for their trade-in promotional event. The story board was provided by the ad agency and...
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TV Commercial for S-oil

S-oil, a Korean oil company, wanted to advertise their brand image and particularly their mascot 'Goo-do-il' which stands for 'good oil.' I participated in the filming and gave advice in order to optimize video conditions...
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TV show Opening Sequence for ‘SHOWbiz Korea’

Arirang TV which broadcasts Korean culture and news wanted to renew the opening sequence for one of their shows. The show covers Korean entertainment news such as new developments in Kpop. In my design, I conceptualized...
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On-air Design packages for the Governor Elections

On-air Design packages for SBS to showcase real time voting results for the Governor Elections. It was created to stream voting results for the Province election in real time. I used paper animation to feature...
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Opening sequence for MBC Sports Baseball games

It was used as the opening sequence for MBC Sports baseball games. The producer wanted to feature Korean elements in the clip, so I utilized the ‘buk,’ a traditional Korean instrument, for rhythmic...
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Experimental project for WENO

It was created as an experimental video to show the identity of WENO, the company I was working for. I used a bee’s journey to symbolize WENO’s work process. Similar to the bee, we...
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Kia Motors concept car

The Seoul Motor Show takes place in Korea every year. During the show, Kia Motors revealed a new concept car called 'CUB.'  They wanted the video to feature certain characteristics of CUB such as...
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On-air Design packages for Korean General Election

This video was created to stream voting results for the General election in real time. The producer wanted the video to convey the bitter competition for this election. He suggested the visual comparison of...
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Opening sequence for MTV ‘TADA’

MTV Korea broadcasted a new TV show, 'TADA.' This show introduced new Kpop stars through interviews. This video introduces diverse artists and highlights unique characteristics of...